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Howlistic Hounds Bakery Featured

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Howlistic Hounds knocked on my door to re-design their website. They had a plain HTML website which was outdate. Because the internet evolvement in scripts and devices is not standing still Howlistic Hounds Bakery needed an update. By picking a brand new colour palette and fonts it is a great opportunity to place Their brand in the market and compete with other competitors

Howlistic Hounds Bakery produces dog treats which are healthy and responsibly produced in their local kitchen on the 'Ignatius Farm' in Guelph, Ontario. They were looking for someone who could assist them in setting up a website so visitors can easily find where to purchase their products with the help of a Store Locator. The website design is based on Joomla CMS. This is because they want to be able to update specific content them self.   

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