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Panda Piping Ltd. is a local business in Guelph. They are dedicated to delivering cost effective pre-fabricated piping systems to a vast consumer base on time with supreme quality. We build this website and edited all the pictures used on the website.



This website is built on the Joomla CMS Platform. Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables us to build websites and powerful online applications. 

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Brown Family Law is a customized website design. After carefully reviewed the draft designs we decided to choose a light theme due to the content of this website. If you like to have a customized website, please fill out our quote web form, and you'll receive a free no-strings-attached inquiry.


This website is a fully customized website based on a fresh design to give visitors a welcoming feel. It was important for Ian Brown to make the website light-themed since the content for his company is not the easiest to obtain a calm emotion.

  Logo Design

The client needed a fresh new logo to be implemented on the website. The overall requirements were to design something within a color scheme already used by Ian Brown, yet an update to visualize the logo in a casual manner.

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The Panda Piping Ltd., Joomla CMS project was a great opportunity to work with a local business in Guelph and offer a cost-effective solution. Get your free quote today!